Donations and In Memory

The following points may be useful to members and non-members alike:

  • As a registered non-profit society, any donations made to the Pacific Open Heart Association will be acknowledged by an official receipt and are tax deductible.
  • In Memory donations should include the name and address of the surviving spouse or family member. This information and the donation are to be mailed to:

Pacific Open Heart Association
PO Box 45001
Ocean Park PO
Surrey, BC
V4A 9L1

Online Donations

You may also choose to donate online to POHA via PayPal.

You do not require an existing PayPal account to donate electronically as you may donate using your credit card. The online donation is fully secure and provided by a proven company in PayPal.  

Click the Donate button below to donate to POHA:


The POHA will send out acknowledgements.

If you are wondering where to send your charity dollars, be assured that any donation to the POHA will be placed directly into the operation of our visitation program.

Founders Cup

For many years we have been the grateful benefactors of a donation of money from the Founders' Cup Foundation. This foundation is made up of a group of community-minded individuals who sponsor a successful golf tournament each year and donate the proceeds to worthwhile organizations. Their Board has been impressed with the POHA support role and especially the fact that all of our work is performed by unpaid volunteers who bear any personal expenses themselves. These donations have eased the pressure on our Treasury, and allowed us to further expand our services. 

If you have any questions, or would like to donate to POHA, please contact us at: