Annual General Meeting

Thirty-eight members attended the 2019 POHA Annual General Meeting on April 6, 2019. Board members and volunteers introduced themselves and stated how they became involved with POHA. The financial report showed a good situation in conformance with our investment strategy and government requirements. POHA continues to provide funds to the surgery hospitals as well as “feeder” hospitals for use in cardiac care. The Captains’ reports confirmed the appreciation of the hospitals, their staff and patients for the valuable service that POHA visitors provide. Rick Cozzuol presided at his last meeting as POHA president. He has provided leadership, hard work, and commitment for the past three years. Thank you, Rick! Several new positions were confirmed for the next two years: Rolf Gullmes as President; Roland Clifford as Vice President; Aaron Lanteigne as Captain of St. Paul’s visitors; Richard Lemire as Assistant Captain of St. Paul’s visitors. Current members of the board have one more year remaining in their term. Last December we lost a member of the POHA community, Jennifer Rule—captain of the St. Paul’s visitors. She worked tirelessly to ensure that heart patients at the hospital were visited. This year our guest speaker, Dr. Raymond Dong, cardiologist, gave an entertaining presentation on Preventative Cardiology. He impressed upon the attendees the importance of exercise and healthy eating.